Life Spread And Birth Dates – Remember each year you move to someone else place!

Your life path is comprised of a set of cards you will learn and meet in life. Example, if you are in the Ace of hearts home, it will determine how you really love your self and possible new friends or invites! If your lucky, a Ace of hearts will find you Dec 30th only 1 in a million . But remember you feel different if your a 10♦️vs a 3♦️ sitting in ace of hearts spot. A❤️ is a direct life lesson for the 10♦️ not direct for 3♦️. So 3♦️ may not feel as comfortable or secure!

Age 22 chaos spread
Age 26 chaos spread

This is Age 26 the most pivotal point in time for people! 4 years prior the 3♦️ was Displacing the 10♦️ sitting jupiter / jupiter, where you see the 3♣️ now. You see the difference? So every year you living and walking someone else shoes this why it’s important to listen and learn people life path not just your own. Don’t need to know it all but read it to see what negatives and positives you may see. It will not be exactly the same as all the cards are scrambled but we have their karma that support you in your specific task.

At 26 the 3♣️ Jupiter/jupiter is supporting all things writing and communication of a idea that was inspired starting to break into the manifestation process. Especially in any field of writing or contacts. A great year to be recognised for any Artistic or written works! Also your self will feel busy, possible scattered mentally! But inspired to voice your opinions that where once ideas. Talking release fear and anxiety to become secure. Insecurity comes if not sure or in absence of solidarity in plans or ideas, resulting in a clouded mind. Writing, Reading, Languages. Even love letters being spoken about! What qualities you want to explore about yourself! Being curious about all things in life! Relationships & possibles unexpected news that causes painful memory. Testing sexuality.

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The journey is self-mastery as it starts with Self A♠️ and K♠️ is recognizing how to use all the cards ♦️♣️=♠️ or learn how they all work. But I like the cards because I’m not a heart and only know you hearts can balance me and help me understand the value of it and use my -challenging karma card the 6 ❤️ of heart. Especially 6 ❤️ of hearts I meet who are on the high side of how it suppose to be played. The issue is no school teaches true self-mastery so you can respect others and become fully aware socially of self then Learn all. And that’s metaphysical and social aspects in traditional schools! I know everyone is not going to become a spade King or Queen of spades ♠️ aware of all and teach social and physical relationships but I believe preferred few can gain the awareness and knowledge to do so and become understanding. To show and teach from King of spades or Q♠️ takes self-mastery first because that’s what universal knowledge.

We live in a mundane world where it’s only a few real QK♠️ are that are born and they are not in control only mundane Jacks & Queens to aces ♣️♦️♠️controlling education and social norms. People will only become the best ♣️♦️or confused spiritually ♠️ and physical. The separation between spiritual and physical is thin. The education system does not teach being fully aware of “ all” which is a spades mission but rare for King and Queen of spades born people, we have been misled for centuries. We label the education system 10♣️J♠️and 8♦️K♠️Q♠️ government cards because that’s the role they play and take on! But we don’t have to depend on there are Undeveloped programs that are about money and incorporating the minds of Americans or Nationals to profit. It takes all of us who Are Q of King ♠️ spades observers and initiates who started with A♠️ spades that seek K♠️spade knowledge to educate a nation to master individual energy and we gave that power to the government and education system to say where your energy goes, who don’t know the purpose of the Sun Line and responsibility to insight and inspire for us to find the Knowledge of self or Ace of Spades♠️ or Diamond♦️ or Heart❤️. Your A ♦️ but you may not be fully comfortable as a King “” role or playing outside the card you may hold in mercury through Neptune, which is your natural role in a mundane mind state. because you are an Ace♦️, you are becoming a king ♦️ but it takes time and not instant unless karmically adept, as our karmas are the true points and how we handle life and opportunutes. So I need a King to show me how to take my 9 to a king or operate and understand the role and karma. Be the best heart as no one will understand outside of us Spiritualists to become an evolved 2 in Saturn take that to grow! The mundane will only look to be or handle that 9 or 2 in Saturn with growing pains or denial of that card’s journey. Because they are not understanding the energy they are giving off and attracting with a 9 in Saturn on the mundane level. To inform and be receptive is the true mission of mastery and they don’t teach that or the controllers of our education system. And also even the one who seeks to become as evolve or be in the Energy of a master knows your mastery is truly your experience and all outside you have not mastered and can use to learn and grow! So this is a life journey! That’s why your government has failed you because they are not as wise and old as they think and are learning also! There may only be one King and Queens ♠️ GOD! Everyone’s role is mastery of your suit and life to become an observer and play the role of the K♠️Q♠️ and play your social role ♣️♦️♠️❤️ in that King or Queen of spade and educate about the all physically and metaphysical- spiritual and earth connections! I do look to become or Play the King ♠️ and live outside my mundane body but That still will reflect my 3♦️ experience and Journey to k♦️! It’s my choice to elevate beyond into the King Spade awareness and play my Part As I A♦️!

Your Elemental Mastery is What Earth-Wind-Water-Fire element you came back to master (Mulch/earth physical transformation for value, airplanes or writing/travel, Mind/Mental and matter interaction, Mathematician, travel, emotional development /character development, preservation, nursing for emotional needy, sports, academia discovery, plant or wildlife preservation are all elemental understanding in cards and astrology!

When I say mundane I’m speaking about people who do not value the true spiritual purpose and social purpose of their path. Not all want to know or even bother to think about a higher social purpose or order that is distinctive and individualized! To know your karma or purpose? Two A♦️ will not have the same social patterns as the 4 of diamond! One may have karma with a King the Result will be in Ace ♦️ fashion but another may have it with a Q♣️! To live outside of the mundane you realize this karma and purpose and chose to act upon and take responsibility and not blame everyone for the karma with that card. They may challenge you to become more aware of your 5 and 9! in your spread!
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People are not even knowing or starting with A♠️ to become a k♠️ or Q♠️ because A♠️ will bring a mirror and no one likes emotional mirrors 🪞what they love and hate about there-self! That is love and hate or personal trials to be corrected! They refuse to change to accept their peer and family influence taught them who they are and how to interact socially and are unaware of the fact until you meet with opposing ♦️❤️♠️♣️ or people with different roles as again we all carry a mission. Deep down stubborn mundane don’t believe everyone else matters in the learning experience or outside of there self and their trauma and everyone is to blame. To see we all connect and share paths and must accept opposition and identify the self objectively. I know I am and who You are but My I am is not a threat nor is yours. But when we face I am some people are threatened by your I am or who You are because to be that comes with beliefs and Emotions 7❤️. To even see other people “I am” again is not against yours but often it comes across that way! All of our ❤️ Hearts “I am matter” and karma with their King through Ace ♣️♦️❤️♠️ karma shapes their view and shapes how they speak and we respond or battle if I am or I Think of different emotional Perspectives! As soon as you Play an Ace as a mirror to discuss objectives in perspectives 🪞 “Who they are and what they did” becomes huh “what I do” “what you talking about” I did nothing wrong but express Me and that challenge is their imaginary self or Card Self “” learned patterns and how they identify with there Emotions! How one identifies with the self and that connection they bring to others in that context will always come with ego two individuals meeting without purpose except for self-satisfaction (7❤️ ) (will bring this matter up in real-time in your spread bringing the self to the outer world can be a struggle) “there/your” emotions erupt and battles of the Egos collide when your ego or self is rejected (battle of each individual’s self/ego)! No one likes the fact their karma affects their people skills and ❤️ it’s always the other person’s fault in a mundane atmosphere no awareness or recognition of All. Not enough K♠️ or Q♠️ masters who can truly teach the first lesson of the K♠️ is 3❤️A❤️Q♣️ – logical and emotional awareness or others unionized
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Written January 30th 2022 Respect to Pluto
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“TheRealKylesister”Ari Fletcher Yearly RobertCamp & My Personal Insight Currently…

“TheRealKylesister”Ari Fletcher Yearly RobertCamp & My Personal Insight Currently…

Written August 25, 2021 – This was not a 1 on 1 nor information leaked or credited from the person spoken about! I have not spoken to these celebrities and only use the cards!

This is a preview of a cardology reading or insight this was a quick read and not in-depth. Nor does it explain karma cards! Because full readings do take much time and focus this was done as a demonstration and example.

In her 8 of Spades Period Having a tough time and taking some damage to her public image and causing possible business partners to suffer- Her business relationships possibly taking a sting with Rihanna Fenty Beauty – Did the cards see this – Not that it’s foretelling or witchcraft or mind reading but the cards lay positive and negatives for you! And just so accurate and tested its jaw Dropping!

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Pictures to time stamp the information

and still time stamped and unedited


Song Red Light – Rod wave

Can’t Knock the Hustle jay- Z

The three of Diamonds are the Knowledgeable Merchant who takes the opportunity of going into business with wealthy associates or mastering multiple trades to help inform and help others And being of service. The path is destined to express one’s many desires and be initiated into higher wisdom of ultimate purpose and understanding one’s ultimate gift and in return helping others do The same in divine love. Gaining peace of mind over time as you become informed. Being a key resource and bridge for others to become enlightened and empower one’s inner wealth with the knowledge of self! Following the impulse and beats of life.

Interest: creating and building Businesses and opportunities for experimentation with multiple businesses to find purpose. Wisdom and Laughter is the language of three of Diamond that inspires their curious minds and the need for love. Because depression is near to extreme questioning of self they need to inspire and help others be their best. As long as your purpose is not lost in helping others. Always needing time and isolation to gather one’s purpose and energy. Experiencing a lonely period in life is normal before finding love, absolute isolation from friends and family who can not give fire to the drive of the 3♦️ as poverty is a mental challenge and fear. Also, self-inflicting from uneducated budgeting and borrowing; be aware of loaning from institutions or people or college debt. Worried about who you owe. Needing financial savvy friends to turn thoughts into reality and funding or huge drive. Skipping steps and needing financial education. Q♦️ supporting financial education and philanthropist ideas to give financial wisdom. You want to bring friends and family along. Holding on to the fear of losing love and personal purpose. (Stalking)Lingering ex or being the lingering mate. Can gain stalker followers in business and relationship (loyal fanbase based on personal appearance) Envious peers/family. Being regretful and needing to be celebrated can cause depression. Holding on to love connections (aid to occult followers) 6♥️ or attracting past connections to feed a need for love or attention. Highly sexual energy and need to please. Pleasing others and receiving the same care and love is a challenge. When in love very intuitive of a partner especially when sexual.

Separation anxiety.

Public or social anxiety.

Working and creative mind to master all trades (being useful to others in industries of engineering, music, design, metaphysics, theater/movie, financial assistant, multiple business owner, fashion) Needing mutual support in the business. Spending lavishly. Sexual abuse as children or Abusing sexual attraction. Polyamorous – transitional partner.

This year the 3 of Diamond is the Sun

The Jack of Spades in the Mercury Period

Displacing the Queen of Diamonds ( Financial Guru ) The Queen of

Diamonds are elegant sits, Saturn Mercury! You will not catch her at her worst in fashion, business, and manifesting her dreams. and it’s supporting your brand. You challenging yourself as a 3♦️. Don’t be too hard on everything taking place that doesn’t seem clear as information is at hand that leads to the knowledge of one self-worth. Also being introduced to new information can propel you into following your path and calling in work and business! This will be heightened displacing the Ace of Diamonds. The Ace of Diamond becomes intimated In life being the barrier of wisdom and wealth where ones write and use their creative abilities in music, writing, and balancing their love interest. Ace of Diamonds ones their own business and can’t see life any other way. Independent in nature and need to gain wisdom of partnerships and collaborating and subject to lawsuits or bad partnerships. Ace of Diamonds is your support at 26. 2♦️ a challenge

Ace of Diamonds – A Master Of Reality – Jan 26, Feb 24, Mar 22, Apr 20, May18, Jun 16, July 14, Aug 12, Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 6, Dec 4

Two of Diamonds – Destiny Cards – Wealth – Compromise – Birthdays – January 25, February 23, March 21, April 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, August 11, September 9, October 7, November 5, December 3

June 14

Mercury Card – until 8/5(Exploring, self-driven, Building business relationships “meetings” and aggressively Selling and speaking)

During this period you are given the gift of a creative mind that can come up with some great ideas that can help you in a multitude of ways. This gift can be artistic and so you may get some really good ideas for writing or illustrating something. Be cautious though with this card present as it may indicate a theft incident related to driving, your car, or a short trip somewhere. Also, be on the alert for deceptive intentions from one or more of your siblings. Just be a little cautious and enjoy the creative aspects of this powerful card. You may read some books or be exposed to some new information that makes a positive change in your life. (Sourced 7thunders)

Jack of spades displacing Queen of diamonds –

The queen of diamonds is the ultimate hustler for the spirit of women and being of service to those in need. This is the hairstylist the make-up artist and to add the jack of spades guarantees a new identity from head to toe. You’re going to feel the need to build your business and settle any financial problems that could hinder your network. Building relationships is key. Haines others people money is tricky for three of Diamonds so be careful of overspending and business credit.

Supportive card

Mercury period

The Eight of Clubs

The Eight of Clubs in the Mercury Period

This card represents a rapid gaining of knowledge or power or rapid development of a situation you have been approaching. This could be a rapid education or a sudden opportunity to teach or speak or acquire an education. This influence is one of overcoming any obstacles to success or current problems, especially related to communication. Success involving groups of people is also highlighted, as in teaching, speaking, or writing.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Mercury Card is one of challenge or adversity..

The 8 of clubs is a fixed card so as information and your network grow so does the pound which you have to move from. Maybe not physically but mentally removing yourself from unwarranted ideas that you outgrow. Overcoming things that once were a challenge to understand and comprehend. Seeking more information and gaining the rewards of your indulgence to be used immediately. Saving money and putting it away for a Rainey Day!

Venus period (Venus love/family/friends product evaluations revamp analyze sales pitch and display/ Values) 8/5 until 9/26 Mars

The Queen of Clubs in the Venus Period

This royal card bestows upon you several gifts during this period that you can use simply by being aware of their presence. First of all, your intuition will be much higher than normal. Many bits of information may seem to come to you about your family or work. Your mental power is also heightened. This power of the mind can bring you success at work or with friends, especially females. You love others from a higher place now. You walk with Mother Mary.

The Queen of clubs is the Mother to all who need to learn a lesson about work and getting things done in an orderly fashion. Giving the world or their friends everything they need to succeed. They love to indulge in fashion and design their brand or work of art to help clothe or feed those in need. Very protecting and aggressive when defending friends and family. There is a restless spirit and a need to travel for business and connect with those like-minded. Businesses should be getting some assistance from a female counterpart. Gossiping and discussing business

Vacation is a must

Venus Card

The Two of Hearts

The Two of Hearts in the Venus Period

This period should bring you a very satisfying love relationship. This is one of the best indicators of love and happiness in relationships of all sorts. In particular, you may have a satisfying reunion with a dear friend or lover. This could also be the time that you meet someone new and get off on the right foot for a long-term love affair, friendship, or marriage. Relationships now are somewhat blessed and bring positive energy into your life.

With the 2♥️ and the 6 of Hearts the three of Diamonds always get a ring from the past with two of hearts present from an admired counterpart. You become more noticeable and attractive all of a sudden. Beware of someone returning and your current relationship jealousy especially leading into January and March. Your ultimate soulmate and wish to become revealed. Also, support from significant other in business also or wealthy business partners offering to help and be supportive of adventure.

Mars Card 9/26 – 11/17

The Four of Hearts

The Four of Hearts in the Mars Period

This influence brings happy relations between men and aggressive women. Combine aggressiveness with love for maximum benefits during this period. Aggressive pursuit of social popularity can bring success now. This card could also be a sign of success in a legal matter or any endeavor where men are concerned. This is a good influence for actors or actresses or anyone interacting with the public, particularly with men.

This stabilizing influence of this card is powerful and will bring a happy period for you, even if the indications of your other Mars Card are more challenging. Even if your other Mars card indicated a challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will overcome it and that the result will be a positive one. A successful card in the other position will further strengthen the influence of this card and could tell you who or what you will experience such satisfaction with during these 52 days.

The four of hearts are your family and friends needing your attention. They may even seem to get on your nerves. Disruptions of plans and goals may intrude on your relationships with family friends or marriage. A letter is on its way or someone wants to talk about relationships and the potential of the future. Finances or financial instruments or institutions may be the source of discontentment.

You should also write a wish the 3♣️ is supporting any wish author. ✍🏽 writing a foreign friend who excites you.

Jupiter Card ( Learning and getting advice or mentorship, vacation or journey to foreign places, Feeling the rewards of last year’s labors, and planning growing from mistakes. You’re on the beach doing this or home getting some help from a respected teacher ) 11/17 to until Saturn (rest and testing this year’s lesson) 1/18

The Eight of Spades

The Eight of Spades in the Jupiter Period

This is one of the strongest symbols of business and personal power and success. At this time you will either expand your operations or make some invaluable connection with some large company that increases your financial power appreciably. This is also one of the best signs of good health and recovery from any problems you may be facing. You can overcome all obstacles now through honest effort and integrity.

To take the fullest advantage of the opportunities presented by this card, you should find ways to expand your business interests. Someone on a fixed income may not experience the financial benefits of this card since there is no way for them to increase the volume of goods or services that allows greater finances to manifest. However, if you have a business, this is the year to expand and open up to more prosperity. You are in the midst of a cycle of prosperity.

The eight of spades will make you gain weight from the fruits of your labor and summon the need to get to the gym. Labor and wisdom is accomplished and goals of ultimate success are on the horizon but continue building and troubles persist but nothing last. Troubles in health or relationship began to appear and much need time and relaxation. Momentum in business is kept so relaxation can be attained. Financial debt or anyone you may owe will be on the rise. That also means karmic debt in work. Who needs your help or assistance or financial assistance? You have a small network to attend to. Potential work gossip or need for recruitment. Great time for being on camera and discussing changes taking place with yourself and challenges. Television and news may indulge in issues or problems you have.

Saturn Card (rest and hard lessons/letting go/completion of wishful love and joy ) 9❤️ 1/8/22

3 until 3/22

The Nine of Hearts

The Nine of Hearts in the Saturn Period

The likelihood of emotional problems causing ill health and other kinds of misfortune is present during this period. Personal relationships are challenging and disappointing but contact with the public can be a source of fulfillment and joy. It may be that you are involved in a heavy karmic relationship now, one that was destined to teach you much about yourself and your love nature. In any case, one or more key relationships in your life have reached their place of completion and are now coming to an end. Letting go of personal attachments and relationships that are no longer serving any good purpose in your life will ultimately lead you to new and better relationships. This card can often represent a difficult divorce. Also bear in mind that the difficulties or challenges indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other position, for example, any of the fours, eights, or tens.

Basic Meaning


You will take on having to be responsible for any forms of miscommunication or misunderstanding between you and your loved ones. Bringing up things from the past that led to a disagreement will become a lesson about you loving them unconditionally. Don’t get pinned into having conversations about things you don’t feel or never said. But telling the truth will determine any future about anything regarding your ill-advised intentions or mistakes that will affect your relationship status. Don’t argue trying to prove your point or vision with anyone. Your words may go unfollowed until later down the road take nothing personally or keep from

seeking validation only true advice.

For years continued energy guide and the

Overall Theme to ensure Karmic outlet and accomplishment please subscribe

Your mother or being a mother and Finances will become a great topic.

Radio-TV Themes and challenges

Soulmate and/or business partner (product ) challenges

This is a preview of the reading and still not in full

It has Been a Long Year 4♥️- Psychic – Conduit of Messages and God’s Touch – Destiny – Today for me 6♣️ Day

So, I have to thank Aquarius Maximus IG: Aquarius Maximus and Nina IG: diamonds_eight who have really made Cardology come to life! As a 3 ♦️, it is our fate to become mystics and seekers of knowledge. One of the greatest known messengers of cardology, Olney Richardson, is a 3 ♦️; plus and a few other 3 companions

Journal – website notes

What you see above are the karmic and destined events that “The Gods” touched us with. Can life be seen from the heavens? Are there signs of God that Aaron disseminated to the children of Israel encrypted in the cards? When you study metaphysics, life messages become clear with synchronicity.

While watching the TV show, One on One, I saw certain laws and karmas come to life, and some were even a reflection of my love life. We all have karmic relationships or patterns to master. The messengers of Earth inherently become the disseminators of signs.

What are signs? I say the interpretation of the cards through Cardology are signs and symbols that can be seen inherently by birthday. Did the authors of this show detail their life and/or take notes of others’ karmic paths? The paths according to Vedic astrology, are etched as signs and triggers of your planets or “Gods”.

“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.” – Genesis 3:22

Integrating Vedic astrology and Cardology begins with looking at aspects, house placements, and Nakshatras. For example, if a planet is placed in Bharani nakshatra (approximately 13 – 26 degrees in the sign of Aries) it indicates where one has characteristics and a way of relating to the god of death. This person has a natural healing beyond the cycle of life. One asks the self, “What do you choose in life? What do you love?”

When Venus is here, you may have unusual love interests. Your spouse will have a bad relationship with their mom. They will wish their mom gave them more attention and care and may say things like “I wish my mom got me into sports” or “My mom missed my 3rd-grade play and I knew I could not depend on her.” They will love or hate their siblings indefinitely. Saying phrases like, “I’m done!” will also be common.

Now, do you understand Karma or the 3 use of the A♠️ / 9 ♠️life path of exploring the meaning of life and enjoying its wonders? The exploration of the 5 ♠️mixed with the passions and spiritual experiences of the 7 ♠️, then reaching understanding, if one takes the time for self, of the A♠️, and finally reaching Ultimate universal understanding 9.

I have come to know that life comes with its ups and down, its evils and its blessings. Count your blessings from your birth card so that you can become a conduit for certain archetypes, messages, and skills.
♠♠ ♠

Today, I’m having a 6 of clubs – Jupiter day. I spent my day on a business call and writing to you. I also pondered about potential relationships, but I had to distract myself and focus on my agenda so I wouldn’t worry too much. Oftentimes, when I study cardology, I explore information on other websites to get other perspectives. According to, the 6 tends to worry a lot. As I just stated, my mind was filled with worry about love before I redirected my thoughts to the tasks at hand. Having focus and a drive to complete a mission is the Baptist way of life. Often with that comes preaching the word and our truth.
The 6 sits in the Mars/Saturn position in the pure spread. We all know Saturn is the lesson provider. I once came across a Vedic Astrologer who referred to Saturn as not the father, but the child. This was a very interesting take to me. I can see their perspective since Saturn is slow and steady while teaching the lesson.
6 – The Messenger – Conduit of God’s will and Lesson!

I often use people I know or see to pick up little cues for a card. This might be a little risky since everyone’s birth time plays a huge role in their chart. This is where we can find the consistent themes of the cards. Overall, I’ve noticed that things slow down and there are many disruptions with a 6 of clubs. Even when settling disputes, communication can be stagnant. The truth might not come to the surface easily. Honesty can be withheld. I was accused of being dishonest about my whereabouts last night, when in fact, I wasn’t. Every person, event, and the thing was exactly as I’d said. So, last night I had to deal with stagnant communication while trying to settle my disputes and remain honest.
Having vigor spiritually coming out of the Saturn/Mars line, where the 2 ♦️sits in the chaos spread, then settling in Saturn/ Neptune, which is almost the complete opposite of its previous position, forced the energy to slow down in its fall from heaven. Displacing the 8♠️ gives the 6 more than enough vigor to overcome obstacles. The 6 has the A in Neptune, so the quest and search for knowledge in the realm of the laws of karma can be deep! Having a 6 ♠️in Mercury gives great strength and eagerness to understand life, and fulfilling one’s passion by understanding those laws of karma. The yearning to find the answers no matter the journey and ultimately transforming to the A, the carrier of wisdom, ancient knowledge, and fulfillment of destiny.
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No one likes to say I told you so …The second Mercury Retrograde of the year begins on (K♣️ Month) June 18, 2020. So let’s look back at my old articles

Hip-Hop did exactly what I said they needed a ritual of ushering artist J♣️ Jacks are Initiates.. Yea you have fanboys and distractions but @djdnice is a J♣️! So as I was posting I was showing you the spirit of hip-hip was being risen! Yes, they distracted us while the markets crashed and wealth transference started that I too knew was coming but was lost in panic! Not being prepared to take full advantage! A time when Bitcoin dropped Thousands and went Up thousands, 2 into 4 easy, and you can leverage crypto and become the loner. The stock markets crashed by 100’s and thousands. The time to buy was March! Another crash will follow to solidify the chaos! During a Club Quarantine. We must Go back to our lives, I told 1 million people to guard themself because we were on mars approaching July yet feel safe in march! Not only that I warned Aries will be for telling and the first major case a Black Male gunned down by Civilians. Note no riot or march. As soon as the K♣️ Police get involved chaos breaks loose. The one who is held to high standards! While Obamas and the cheers were going, the hey get downs were playing! I warned you! I was there with one purpose! To inform the world Shit was about to get real for black people! And i said the economy is falling yelp 🕺🏿 they get down and get some @guapcoin Obamas since you all love us so much!! Lol but i saw It all as a signal of time. As I stated the thing is we are 9♦️ collectively until we move as K♦️! I like to send @guapcoin and bitcoin to loyal and real followers all the robots will die but is getting all the juice and snippets in @instagram only and more podcasts and i want to collab with u on the podcast previews above! I appreciate the bday gifts so much i must bless you somehow, back to initiation! So we are 9♦️ collectively and J♣️ is hip-hop and ironically K♦️ love strip clubs and music all the same not that it matters but Life comes with Karma it’s funny right? We love to run from Clichés and stereotypes but you must understand laws and metaphysics and karma and astrology! People will deny astrology! You tell them their favorite color they say no and they go out and get into the car that color and blame it on the fact it was gifted and to think all the cars gifted was that color! ! Follow me don’t just follow me so let me continue… ! So the J♣️ must elevate into the K♣️ during the Aquarian Age. You must be initiated into manhood or any job its a spiritual law for knowledge and morals! Someone have to teach you to be a man or woman! We want to be born knowing! We expect people to just know! We expect our relationships to heal wounds only a village can heal! We will not grow if we are not judged and held accountable! Questioned! Imprisoned! Punished! Some receive karma and some give it! Remember it’s 12 rulers and 52 cards …They all have a purpose and you must deal with them all!

If we want to progress we must observe and correct! This man’s career should be over!

Law and order

Justice has no color, no gender, or timing!

June a K♣️Month is the worst time to defy morals! And with the Q♣️ being the energy most consistent for Black Women this is a pre-cursor to Men for a Divine Uprising! So when the BLM pushes from last Year’s Women’s rights movement don’t be Alarmed…We are ruled by Cancer! Read my article in April or may title “Hilary” where I told you they would be coming for a Woman aid the Presidential election. Yes a Black woman! Our emotions are swayed to the moment and switch topics faster than … Let me keep that to myself. That’s what we have to practice in this retrograde. Our mouth for the greater good. K♠️

Black Men are up next on the chopping Blocks for crimes

Obama showing loyalty????

The universe will tell it all! I have

TX 7♠️

You’re going to want to go back and read the old things it all playing out i don’t post much!

Like a classic, it drops on time


2022 Unto Gemini and beyond “white people you must talk, Gemini said so”

Until 2022
Twin city burned down in Gemini season with north NODE in Gemini – Sidereal –
this is going to Be a topic until we heal spiritually!
The events in Gemini – cancer season will foreshadow the next 2 years’ cycle

But without growth, you will argue to be right instead of finding the gems to grow!

Why do we look to the planets and the stars? For healing and understanding of what the universe wants us to do! We must focus on the full story of the astrological world to understand the direction In which we are going! Update Sunday, May 31st

Things will be added as they relate to making sure you are recognizing the time in which things are manifesting. Check the dates I post and will be going back and stamping the card on the day it was posted to let you know how energy never lies. Some say it’s obvious! I say it’s cardology ! It was obvious before the answer was given The Universe gave confirmation!

Gemini is ruled by mercury! Imagine a Gemini not talking! Even if they are not talking I will assume expressing themself in art! Teaching and communicating in a way that expresses their inner thoughts! What is a teacher and communicator to do without someone to speak to? The world will be expressing itself and the world wants you to talk back! Or you and them will go crazy! To get a Gemini to perform at maximum they must communicate! Whatever it is you must talk about it to others and find your understanding and peace.

When trying to find your identity you run across things that counter who you are. This is the growth in your understanding of yourself and others! You are not right 24/7 ! But you sure can talk and communicate to learn and grow but it’s not about being right for your self but for growth and adding value. What value do you bring to the conversation to build? It’s not about you! It’s not about me without adding value even if it is an argument. But fools argue and debate. Builders build and add value …

You come outside and take things personally and you have to go back and regroup! A Gemini is not going to mind its business because it wants to talk. If a Gemini isn’t looking and observing it’s not doing its job! Every planet and sign has a job! Imagine waking up and Rising on time and no one paid you any attention when you constructed the universe you live in! Wouldn’t you be angry when you are giving direction and solutions and you look at North Star and say now I don’t think your right I’m going this way!

So where are the emotions of the universe forcing us to transcend and the sky of the horizon pointing to now? The conversation is not to be right! I’m a Gemini! I’m not living my birth purpose if I do not communicate. What do I have to work on, working on my communications skills and continuing to grow – elevating into a higher mentality and not thinking so far ahead I’m not focused on the unseen details and not letting go of insecurities and growing?

If you know astrology you know what I mean !! #diamondjones
You will see this for a while get ready! It will be a topic and will come back
Up to look at.

Hillary Clinton

As we look at the cards! There is a woman that is going to support Biden in the race! It will not be Black women because if Biden gets elected he will not last! He is sitting back and depending on the energy of a woman! This is energy manipulation #cardology we know how to manipulate energy for prosperous avenues. Hillary Clinton Card is the 9 of hearts on age 64 which America turns Next Year July 4th 2020 is America New Year “”She is pushing Donald Trump who is the United States, Mercury! It is obvious Trump is Center Stage! You have Never Seen a President This boisterous on Social Media! Of course, Trump is not fingering these tweets! He understands his voice has to be heard and will be as he is blessed to be Mercury to America. The thing is he has one up on Hillary and her Friends the 6❤️! The 6❤️ is the peacemaker and gatherer of higher powers and loved ones by leveling the grounds and meeting face to face. The unnoticeable Trump Card! In the Sunline of America’s J♦️ Jupiter is Displacing the 8♦️! This could also be an assault on Trumps’ unnoticeable trump card displacing the 8♦️! It wouldn’t be far-fetched to see Trump’s true future friends will be revealed also. The 9♦️ is also pushing the 6❤️ after 4th of July. The actions of Black Americans will push trump to take sides of the government side. He will come up with a deal to insinuate peace. I said in my last post that We have the ability to take spiritual control of the K♠️! In an organized manner!

Trump is the3♦️ for America Age 63 – J♦️
Hillary Clinton is the 9❤️
Joe Biden K❤️
This is America And trump pushing the Q♣️ which is Black Women’s intellect, and the Card will stand for China. He will talk to the Black women and instead of Biden, he may adopt a powerful Black woman! These two topics will be very heavy for trump and Hillary! It will be a verbal war between Trump
And Hillary which is the only reason I think Hillary will go with Biden on his journey! A 9❤️will push your pressure points out of anger so they may seek revenge. The interesting thing is the K❤️sits in the same position as the 9❤️ does for America in July 2019- July 2020! 9❤️ has America as the cosmic lesson this year and so will the K❤️ 2020-2021. K❤️ Biden

Which 9♦️ is trumped Mars which are People seemingly underprivileged! They could team up and try to push trump out by making him seem like the bad guy yet! The 7♣️ the day George Floyd died is pushing America and its Trumps transformation card adding fire to his flame making his wishes for America become a reality! The moment trump creates a ken ship based on that day and event it presents his 6❤️, he is setting his 6❤️ for the world to feel his condolences and seemingly understanding ways with the government.

The 6❤️ captures your heart! It’s in your face and you don’t mind because they truly understand how you feel! This is pushing the government K♠️ ! If you think trump is going to mess up his police and government friends you’re crazy! They are sending the blitz to make sure he is reminded who has control of this country! He will make sure they all are taken care of to make sure his Card gets Some of that 8♦️ Juice After July 4th! He will make plenty of orders in the name of the People! He will make you think you are protected! So how should you use your K♠️! It’s spade vs Spade! How will you edify your inner warrior spirit? You have to do your homework on how Africans were taken over by European invaders. Taking deals will not leave you free.

Ace of Clubs A♣️ Cardology revisit on 6♣️ day

I keep telling you about the distraction of covid 19- As I was looking at the life spread which shows you the pattern of your life. As a cardologer does for fun at events and things 😂. I tried to post earlier as I Had time around 8 pm as you see where bitcoin dipped at its lowest, I’m calling myself an idiot for not trusting my energy! But I got some anyways but yes so as we follow America that J♦️ July 4th in cardology I look at entities people and places to understand karma people have and what it has on our world which will always affect you. No matter how much you want to separate from the media and your gov. We are universal people and it kinda matters as you see now more than ever. The J♦️ July 4th America who is my birth mother also wow I never thought about that but yea! J♦️ is America’s transformation You see the A♣️ is the hacker the computer virus, communication, networks, ability to reach foreign and far places. Did I say virus? So we’re all on a spiritual lockdown witnessing the transformation of America so Jupiter is trump a 3♦️.

Three diamonds who is the opportunist they are financially creative. 3♦️ Can talk like the wheeler and dealer A♠️ mercury. Can know the value if not distracted by love 2❤️ and close relationships or just plane distracted because..tbc on 3 of diamonds podcast someone posted a clue )

(Free guap if you know which cardologer broke the 3♦️ down today)

I had the urge especially since Jupiter is retrograde to look some things up. I wanted to see if it aligned in any way trump and hacking came up so I googled trump hacking .. Jupiter for America is the 6♦️ financing this year 🧐 so yea at the time of my search bitcoin dropped this post got messed up bc I had an app up n got distracted by friends, etc. Ok, yea n I was just done with Instagram. So there is a transformation in how you process money happening and you may want to get in on it America realizing they messed up! And are giving back to those they owe! #cardology

I saw a Red cardinal on a 6 of clubs ♣️ day – The start of my day

Today I got a call from a herbal program that I scheduled for today without knowing. I have been wanting to join her class for a while but got into cardology. With cardology, I have learned many things about metaphysical and mental health that I can tap into that herbs can’t.
To heal one’s mental and bring mental peace so the herbal can take effect. Today is a 6♣️ day who has a K♠️ in the Saturn position! A red cardinal visited me! Some see the red cardinal as a warning of illness or sudden change in relationships. They can also signify a change for the better a comfort from your ancestors coming to guide you in the right direction. Removing illness or danger from one’s environment. So when you have a strong cardinal placement working in any spiritual form look for a rocky event that is for your betterment. Cardinal cards or signs may signify trouble! It may represent a fixed nature or inevitable events. The signs often are attributed to the messenger. I got a call from a holistic practitioner today Six of Clubs Birthdays – March 30th, April 28th, May 26th, June 24rd, July 22nd, August 20th, September 18th, October 16th, November 14th and December 12th. The 6♣️ Path is the A♠️. On the journey the 6♣️ masters and embodies the Highest spiritual wisdom from the toughest Gurus and masters on its journey and Embodies it. Become a Master of self and wisdom! They carry the message of what needs to be done to complete the journey of your destiny!